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par Cynical
- Prénom : Raul
- Pseudo :Cynical
- Pseudo Battlenet : Cynical#21328
- Âge :28
- Pays, ville : Brentwood, United Kingdom
- Présentation : I am a veterinary surgeon from Romania curently working near London in the UK. Doing charity work at the moment.I enjoy all aspects of my job, but started to specialise to do only surgery.

Informations Pratiques :

- Expériences : I was in Spec clan for a few years, but recently left it due to inactivy of clan
- Quel est votre objectif en nous rejoignant ? The reason i would like to joing the clean would be because i like to be social, and enjoy playing the game with passionate people.My goal is to get better at the game becasue i enjoy it so much, and hoping to stream it as much as possible.Hoping will get good enough to even compete in tournaments.
-En tant que nouveau membre, que voulez vous essayer d’apporter à l’équipe ? As a new member of the team i will bring my humor wich defines me but at the same time i'm really competitive and serious when it comes to the game .Also hopping i can make the clan more known by streaming and also help it grow by getting better at the game.
- Quel type de joueur êtes vous . I would say i am a casual gamer at the moment, but hoping to get hardcore.
- Vous devrez être présent régulièrement sur le forum et le Discord, êtes vous d'accord. Yes i agree to be present and active on the forum and discord.
- Comment vous nous avez connu ? I didn;t actually untill now, i was contacted by a member of the clan.
- Notre charte : viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7000 , l'avez-vous lu jusqu'au bout ? Yes i did.

Informations Starcraft 2 :

- Lien du profil Battlenet : Cynical#21328
- Ligue actuelle : Masters 3
- Race : Protoss

You guys can contact me every day after 7:30 PM GMT+1 so UK time.